tanzmesse nrw

28.08-31.08.2002 in Düsseldorf

Company K.C.C. der PULX present at the International Dance Fair NRW

Scheduled in partnership with World Dance Alliance, Global Dance 2002 will encompass both the International Dance Fair NRW and the World Dance Alliance's festival and conference (August 23 - August 29, 2002)

The International Dance Fair NRW is relocating from Essen to Düsseldorf, the capital of the state of North Rhine Westfalia. The city of Düsseldorf has an international reputation for its fashion industry, its exellent restaurants and its splendid location along the river Rhine. The International Dance Fair promises to be an intellectually simulating and artistically engaging event.

The International Dance Fair NRW is a global meeting point for dance companies, choreographers, dancers, presenters, promotors, dance related businesses, journalists, dance educators, and people interested in dance. The trademark of the Dance Fair is, as in past years, the exhibit halls. They are the communication center of the dance fair. You can not only meet with commercial providers, agencies and cultural organizations at the booths, but you can also use the occasion to come into discussion directly with choreographers and dancers.

Exchange your thoughts about dance and about what moves you in the performances. We hope that the Dance Fair this year will also be a forum for your cultural exchange.